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5 Reasons to Give a Lightning Talk

If you’ve never heard of them before (or have always wondered), a lightning talk is a short, casual talk under 7 minutes.

At its best, a lightning talk lives up to its namesake: over quickly but with a lasting impact on everyone within range.

Here's 5 reasons you should always be prepared to give a lightning talk.

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Are You "Stage Ready"?

Conference organizers look for experienced and practiced speakers to ensure a great experience for their audience - many speaking opportunities show up last minute.

Check this list to see if you are "Stage Ready"

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Cheater's Guide to Saying Thank You

Cheater's Guide to Saying Thank You

"Thank you" appears in our lives everywhere from shopping bags to subway platforms to bus drivers. This simple saying is now a part of our everyday experience - and unfortunately, it's losing most of its meaning along the way.

Carly's 'Cheater's Guide to Saying Thank You' shows you how to escape the "Platitude of Gratitude".

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